International rally
'Around Lithuania 2018'
Lithuanian President's Grand Prix
On the 6th - 8th September, 2018
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Lithuania’s cars club

On the 1926 established Lithuania’s cars’ club (LCC) – the oldest public organization connecting the motorists in the country, which shall mark honorable 90 years anniversary on the 2016

Even though the first car in Lithuania was registered on 1896, but only in the end of 1925 a well-known and respected Lithuania’s public figures Kipras Petrauskas, Liudas dauksa, Silvestras Zukauskas and Anatolijus Recka has taken more decisive actions regarding the establishment of the national cars’ club. Soon efforts of a small group of enthusiasts was crowned with success – on the 20th March, 1926 articles of association of the Lithuania’s cars’ club was registered.

An integral part of the LCC activity – organization of the cars’ and motorbikes’ race, whereas the prime event organized by the club, which still glorify the club, became traditional race “Around Lithuania” for the country’s president cup.

Race around Lithuania

The roots of the most prestigious cars’ rally reaches back to year 1931, when on the 24th July, the column of 14 cars and 12 motorbikes started difficult marathon around the Lithuania. This date is considered, by the Lithuania’s cars’ sport federation, as an official start of the cars’ sport in Lithuania.

Special prize for the winners of the first marathon rally was established by the President Antanas Smetona – great silver cup, which was manufactured by the Germans jewelers. Although it was planned to organize such events every year, but only four rallies took place before the war – on 1931, 1932, 1937 and 1938.

On the 1996, after 65 years from the start which was given on the 1931 first rally, LCC organized fourth rally “Around Lithuania”. The participant of the rally competed for the same prize as in prewar Lithuania – President’s of the Republic of Lithuania cup.

On the 1996 together with professionals and amateurs drivers, sportsmen with disabilities took part in the rally. It was an unprecedented and unheard event in other countries practice, which was greatly welcomed by the FIA and its the-president. From the 1996 these rallies take place every year

  • Rally 'Around Lithuania 2018'

    This year the cars fest will be historical – rally “Around Lithuania” will be organized for the 25 time, 90 years anniversary will be celebrated by the Lithuania’s cars’ club as well.

    The participants of the 2016 rally will have to overcome one thousand kilometers route, which shall pass the most picturesque places of Lithuania, through countries cities and towns, villages and settlements until the finish. 35 competitions is planned in this year rally. Rally “Around Lithuania” shall gather cities leaders – the winners of the most stages shall be awarded by cities majors.


    • Kaunas

    • Kauno raj.

    • Kėdainiai

    • Jonava

    • Prienai

    • Alytus

    • Alytaus raj.

    • Varėna

    • Druskininkai

    • Lazdijai

    • Marijampolė

    • Tauragė

    • Klaipėdos raj.

    • Kretinga

    • Plungė

    • Telšiai

    • Radviliškis

    • Pakruojis

    • Panevėžys

    • Kupiškis

    • Anykščiai

    • Molėtai

    • Širvintos

    • Vilnius

Safety campaign

Lithuania has some of the highest indexes of the death of the roads in the EU. One of the ways to reduce this index – actively promote awareness of the society (drivers and pedestrians) and more responsible approach to their, as traffic participants, actions.

On the 2014 and 2015 Lithuania’s cars’ club together with driving school company “Ecodriving LT” organized safe traffic campaign for the spectators of the “Around Lithuania” rally in Anyksciai. Participants of the event could check their knowledge of the road traffic regulations. They were invited to take test, which was prepared by the VĮ “Regitra” specialists. The most active and praiseworthy was youth: part of the youngsters took test without having driving license. The spectators could as well take part in two driving competitions and so make sure, that driving skills should be improved constantly. On the “Back” slalom in the shaped track the participants had to beat the track as fast as possible while driving backwards and this was not as easy, as many thought. More experienced drivers showed better results in this competitions.

On more competition was dedicated for the accuracy of driving. It is important for every driver to accurately park the car, to feel the car's size and distance to the obstacle. Therefore in the competition, funnily called “Autodarts”, drivers had to “shoot”. The aim of the competition was to stop so accurately that the stick attached to the engine cover would appear in the center of the “target”. One hundred per cent accuracy was performed by one participant, while majority of other participant was convinced that, unfortunately, they are not the best drivers, though they had a good time.

Safety campaign shall take place on the 2016 rally “Around Lithuania” as well.

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